Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Updates on some losers

I had a comment on one of my first blog posts asking about what I did to ol' PB so I thought I'd do a few updates about some of the slaves I've interacted with. 

So!  PB(Panties Boy) was this loser who wanted to be outted to his ex-wife/daughter/sister/boss/etc but claimed he didn't want to be outted.  He was also close-ish to where I live so he was begging for some real time sessions.  All this begging went down BEFORE he ever tributed.  Like I'd waste my time.  This was when I still had my NF line up and he got desperate and finally called my ignore line.  Blew something like $160 on a call to me.  I finally got bored with his rambling and ended the call.  After that he kept going on and on about how I was too expensive for him even though we had never discussed my prices on anything so after another random tribute from him I tossed him out like a piece of trash, got on a texting program online and anonymously texted his daughter pictures of him in panties and with a bunch of men writing "Slut" and such all over his body in marker.  I have no idea what her reaction was because I didn't really care.  HAH!

Then there was the timewaster Brandon Alexander.  He cancelled echecks not only to me but to several other Dommes.  Luckily I didn't trust him and didn't bother spending much time on him.  I did, however, find his real facebook page.  And thanks to the other Dommes he pissed off I also got the website of his new job, his address, a scan of his driver's license and some other information.  So I made a facebook page with screenshots of his fetish twitter account, emails from him and some other stuff and proceeded to add everyone from his friend's list.  If I remember right the page was taken down shortly after but not before something like 40 people from his life got to see it.  What's funny is that a month or so after he contacted me with some bullshit sob story about how he had overextended himself and had panicked and how he thought I was great and wanted to know how much to pay to have me work with him again.  Yeah fucking right.

Before I go on to the next one I'm going to give my opinion on Dommes working with other Dommes' subs.  If you know anything about me you know I'm not a begger, I won't go approaching random individuals asking for tributes, gifts, or anything else.  However, if your sub approaches me asking to tribute or serve I'm not going to turn them away.  I have no loyalty to the nine million Dommes out there that I know absolutely nothing about.  And in my opinion I shouldn't.  If your sub is really YOURS they will be loyal to you.  And you won't have to rely on the loyalty of strangers. 

So we'll talk about Sissy Bitch next.  He's an owned sub, he approached me about talking and tributing.  Has absolutely no backbone, really.  Which is to be expected to an extent but when it goes to extremes it gets really annoying.  Still, he amused me so I'd say he was probably toward the middle of the list as far as subs with my favour go.  He was serving me for..a couple of months, I think.  Did some tributes, some forced shopping sessions, the usual crap.  However he made a pretty big mistake one day in trying to blame me for his flaws. 

I gave him a few fairly simple tasks.  One was to write a poem(I love doing this for sissies, you'd be amazed at the girly shit spewing out of some of them), another was to buy a girly thong and write Star on it and take photos, the last was to create a Sissy blog.  The only one I put a time limit on was the thong.  He had something like four or five days to do it.  The other two HE said when he'd have them done.  The poem that night and the blog the next day.  Well, that night came and nothing.  The next night came and went, neither task was completed.  Considering that the little fucking loser set the times he'd have them completed himself I found it pretty disrespectful to not only have him fail to complete what he said he would but to not even update me on WHY.  So I wrote him an email telling him he'd have a $50 late fee.  Rather than recap his bullshit I'll simply post screenshots. 

So, not only did the loser not complete some very simply tasks he actually tried blaming me for his own stupidity and incompetence.  That kind of shit does not fly.  I saw that he completed the poem but I didn't even bother reading it.  And unless I get a pretty amazing apology for his bullshit he won't be getting any more of my time.  I have been considering sending some chatlogs and such on to his Domme to let her know what he's been up to though.  I haven't decided what I want to do there yet.

Hmmm.  Aside from that I've had a few fail subs that weren't really worth mentioning.  At some point I may do a little blog with notes about my regular subs since this was all about the losers.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A few thoughts on the subject

I've been reading some of the articles on Domme Dose and it's given me some things to think about.  Some of the articles are good, some suck, but I suppose it's all about perspective.

One by Hex Kitten that I read was about Findommes doing nudity.  I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I'll never go nude.  It's simply my choice.  I never did in real life sessions, I never will online.  You'll also never get to see me in underwear shots or anything like that.  That being said I don't really have an issue with Dommes who decide to go nude.  If that's what works for them, cool.  I've just never seen a need for it.  I guess in my mind the subs are the objects, objectifying myself to draw in more doesn't raise me higher it just drags me down closer to the level of a sub.  That's just my view though.

That aside, I think the quality of subs online is fairly pathetic.  A Domme-sub relationship isn't something that's built in an hour.  Or a day.  It takes time to get to know someone, to know what they're into and whether or not the pairing is a good match. 

If you've applied to be a slave of mine you've seen that right on the application it says that I have a probationary period for those serving me.  That exists just for this purpose.  I don't take on just any ol' slave that has a wallet.  If we don't get along the whole thing is doomed from the beginning.  So all of these "Dommes" and "subs" running around claiming to own or be owned within the first hour of meeting are a little pathetic in my opinion. 

I had a sub trying to become one of my playthings and since he was pretty obviously a time waster I blew him off.  Then he actually had the nerve to message me and tell me that because I logged off he went and submitted to someone else.  I just had to laugh.  If all it takes is a willing sub or Domme and five minutes to create a "bond" for you, then you really need to get the hell out of the fetish scene because you obviously don't get it.

I wrote a blog the other day talking about things to NOT do if you want to serve me and another article I read(By slave Mark or some nonsense, it doesn't really matter, the article was shit.) made me realise I needed to add something else to that list.  Do Not Expect Me To Read Your Mind.  I'm not a mind reader.  And while I don't take orders from subs, if there's something you want it's up to you to say so -then- I will decide if you're going to get it or not.  Expecting myself, or any Domme, to just magically know what you want is pure stupidity.  In my case there are a lot of losers trying to get my attention, most of the complete wastes of time, and there's only one me.  So don't go thinking you're special or unique among the rest.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shoes for sale and a Tribute Contest

Let's start with the shoes. 

These lovely heels are now up for sale. They're made of a nice combination of silky material and velvet. Imagine how nice that'll feel while you rub your loser face against them, sniffing for my scent. To bid post here, message me or email xprincessxstarx@gmail.com  (Payments are made via paypal and top bidder will have to pay for shipping.)

Now on to the contest.

As you probably know I'm saving up for a rather posh vacation in three months.  But I found a set of sex toys I want for my boyfriend and I.  Since I don't want to take away from my vacation to pay for the toys I figure you losers can do it for me.  So here's how the contest will go.  Whoever donates the most in total from now until the 21st will get their own custom video from me.  No, gifts and payments for sessions don't count for this contest.  Tributes must be sent on paypal via instant transfer to xprincessxstarx@gmail.com

Still confused?  Let's break this down for the stupid folks out there.  Let's say Slave A tributed $40 today.  Tomorrow you send me $30.  The next day you send me $20.  That puts your total at $50 tributed.  You're now the top bidder.

Now let's say you pay for a session of forced shopping on teamviewer.  Does the amount your paid for my time wallet raping you count toward your tribute total for this contest?  No.  It was a payment for my time.  Does the amount I wallet raped you for during forced shopping count toward the total for this contest?  No.

Now if I make a lot more than the toys cost(And I fucking better.) all the extra money will go toward my vacation and you'll have a very happy Princess.  So get spending.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Things you should NEVER say or do.

Here's my list of things that if you say or do them you'll absolutely blow any chance at serving me.

1. "Don't worry, I'll pay."  The only people who say this shit are timewasters. Real piggies don't have to give reassurances, they get out their wallets.

2. Trying to get me to give you freebies by saying you want a session to see if I'm "your type" and that you'll tribute after or asking what I'll do to you repeatedly.  Do I look fucking stupid?  First off, I'm everyone's type.  You'll like what I fucking tell you to.  And there is no tributing after a session.  It's up front a flat payment and then during the session I will rape your wallet for everything you're worth and then some.

3. Trying to challenge me.  No, I won't do a tv session for free just because you try to manipulate me into it by saying you're not worried or don't think I can do it.  You're retarded if you think this shit will work.  A good Domme can't get manipulated by some loser fucking waste of space.  I actually had one moron trying to get me to play a game of chess with him to determine whether or not he'd be paying for a session.  Seriously, could you be any more stupid?

4. Typing like you're Helen Keller.  I don't expect losers like you to be smart enough to have perfect grammar, but if you're too stupid to type out the word "you" or I feel like I need someone who can translate the language of retard into English for me then fuck off. 

5. Negotiating prices.  There is no negotiating. You pay what I tell you when I tell you.  The only tribute I leave up to a sub is the first they have to pay to even get my attention.  After that your wallet is mine.

6. Not responding once it's time to tribute.  The only thing this will get you is outted as a timewaster to everyone.  The same goes for stalling tribute.  "I don't know how to use amazon/paypal" "I sent it, I don't know why you didn't get it", etc.  BULLFUCKINGSHIT. Take that crap to someone stupid enough to believe it.

7. Trying to insist on delayed payment methods.  I don't accept anything but instant transfers on paypal.  I don't accept anything but email giftcards for amazon or other sites. No, you can't buy me gifts.  Only trusted subs get to have those count as payments.  If I get one as a tribute from you and you didn't have permission I'll consider it extra and you won't get shit for it.  If you insist on only gifts then you're obviously a timewaster trying to get free sessions before cancelling the orders and I WILL out you as a time waster.

Aside from that, do NOT disobey, do NOT argue, do NOT fucking annoy me.  You WILL follow orders when they are given and you will get NO leniency or pity from me, you useless fucks.

The Latest Timewasters






Saturday, January 26, 2013

Losers, losers, losers. Everywhere I look.

So I've been giving out a lot of homework lately.  If you're not one of my subs you don't know this but homework is one of my favourite tasks.  It might be something simple, like writing something for me.  Or I might make you go out to a local porn store and ask the clerk for the biggest dildo in the place and tell them about what a horny slut you are.  All of this is in the name of amusing me, of course.  What else are you losers good for aside from money?

Anyway, I've been playing with this one pathetic little fuck.  He's usually pretty amusing but he made the mistake of sharing his homework assignment without my permission.  He's not even one of my slaves, he belongs to someone else and is just a plaything for me when I'm bored.  But that doesn't mean he gets to break the rules.  I may have let it slide since he doesn't know the rules but he went and changed parts of the assignment to fit his Mistress.  Hahaha.  No.  Not allowed.  If you're going to play around behind your Mistress' back you don't get to use your assignments from me to score points with her.  So now he has to redo it. 

What else what else...Well, there have been the typical time wasters floating around.  They mostly get ignored.  Then there's this other sub.  Bitchboy.  I got some money out of him before he disappeared.  He couldn't follow directions well either.  He had a live-in Domme in real life, maybe she busted him?  Too bad I didn't get to watch that, I would've laughed my ass off.

Another one of my subs paid for all my Valentine's Day stuff.  A bunch of candy molds, a present I wanted for me and my real man, a spiffy vibratey toy for me and a few other things.  I told him all about my plans to send out candies to my friends and he was begging to pay for the shipping for the chance of having me considering sending some to him.  I just laughed.  Maybe I'll make someone else pay for the shipping just to fuck with him.

Since Twitter is so fucking annoying about uploading pictures I made a facebook account.  http://www.facebook.com/star.findom  I'll probably only be putting pictures on there now.  Make sure you add me or I'll kick your ass in a completely unpleasurable way.

As soon as I added some idiot sissy on Facebook he messaged me on there with his teamviewer ID and password.  Then goes all "Oh no!  I'm going to regret that!"  Like I'm going to go get on his computer and demolish it for free.  Fucker please.  I wasn't THAT bored. 

Lastly, I'll be selling some of my socks and shoes soon.  Photos will probably be posted up here, on Twitter and on Facebook.  So far I think there are two pairs of shoes and a few pairs of socks I want to get rid of.  These will be sold in a bid format, you'll have to message me to bid and I'll announce the current high bid so you'll know if you've been outbid or not.  The bidding will probably go on for a week.  Should the top bidder not go through on their payment then I'll contact the second highest bidder.  You'll also be paying for shipping, so keep that in mind.  I'm pretty sure both pairs of shoes I've owned since high school so they're well worn.

Tribute, you worthless fucks.

Then tribute more.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hall of Shame, Minor Recognition.

Wow this week has been fucking exhausting.  My internet went out Monday night.  More accurately, my modem died.  Which is an easy enough fix.  Bring me a new fucking modem. But the company is apparently owned and operated by retards so it took those tools until today to get someone out here.  Basically, if I haven't been around that's why and get the fuck over it.

So I'm finally able to get around to writing my Hall of Shame post.  And man have I had some fucking losers contact me lately.  Let's jump right in.

Hall of Shame
(Lame fuckers)

Seriously?  This fuck not only thinks of showing me his balls and ass, which aren't even worth seeing, but thinks I'll give him any of my time for $25?  Fucking please.  That's a pathetic tribute.  Any one claiming to be a slave, sub or pig who can't bring more than $25 to the table needs to either get a fucking loan so they're not just a waste of air or they should have their kneecaps broken with a baseball bat.

 This little bitch is even worse than the last one.  $50 every couple of weeks?  Do I look like a fucking charity for the pathetic pussies of the world?  The last time I checked I was a PRINCESS and he was just some lame ass mini-dick wanting to have someone give him an excuse to go choke on the cock he craves.  That he thought he could even come near me while being so worthless puts all subs to shame.

This little bitch likes to pay with echecks, making a million excuses about how he HAS to and then he cancels the payments.  He'll do the same shit on amazon.  So he's the worst of all the fucking losers I've had to deal with lately.  He goes by @hypnailslave on Twitter, but if you look up Brandon Alexander on Facebook you'll find his real account.  HAHA!  Oh, did I mention I also have his real email, a scan of his license, his place of work, his address and phone number?  Just let me know if you want to fuck with this loser.

Minor Recognition

This is the sort of thing I LOVE seeing in my inbox.  Not your pathetic ass begging.  Not you lame offers of $25 or $50 every couple of weeks.  Get some balls, try and be a real man for once in your loser fucking life and bring the money.  

I love stuff like this even more.  Your only worth is in your wallet and maybe in entertaining me with how much of a worthless little fucking loser you are.  If you want even five minutes of my time you need to get on your knees with your wallet between your teeth and come crawling.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I just got back from finishing up my Christmas shopping and am about to take more pictures so this post will be a quick one.  I'm just going to touch on my sessions that I've had over the past few days.  I won't bother mentioning the timewasters I've been dealing with.

I call him Panties Boy, or PB.  A sad excuse for a sub, really.  So desperate for me to come and Dom him in person but did he want to pay up?  Nope.  Made a bunch of excuses.  Then he finally called my IGNORE LINE to TALK.  Which is just dumb.  But I had been ignoring him all day on Twitter because I was busy with other things so I put up with it.  Plus, at least he was finally coughing up the cash.  Stayed on the phone for about 80 minutes, which only got me $99 because NF is such a profit gouger.  Ugh.  I'll get back to that later.

Anyway, PB likes to message me on Twitter and delete the messages I guess.  Like maybe I won't notice?  But I still get the emails for them, and thus read the messages.  Which were mostly him talking about being broke.

Let me make myself perfectly clear.  Don't tell me you're broke unless it's followed by "But I'll find a way to get you money."  Because I accept no excuses, no sob stories and no begging.  I'm not a charity for the pathetic excuses for subs that seem to be milling around.  So kindly piss off with that nonsense.

Okay, minirant about NF now.  I get that they're going to take their cut and have fees and all, but I can't be the only one who thinks they're amazingly excessive.  Taking more than a third of my profits from a call?  What are they, some sort of pimps?

I am not a totally unreasonable person but, fuck that noise.  So from now on only call my NF line if you have no other choice and need to get into contact with me.  For everything else set up a time, figure out the amount of time so you can pay in advance then we'll either use mic or you can give me your number and I'll block mine before calling.