Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hall of Shame, Minor Recognition.

Wow this week has been fucking exhausting.  My internet went out Monday night.  More accurately, my modem died.  Which is an easy enough fix.  Bring me a new fucking modem. But the company is apparently owned and operated by retards so it took those tools until today to get someone out here.  Basically, if I haven't been around that's why and get the fuck over it.

So I'm finally able to get around to writing my Hall of Shame post.  And man have I had some fucking losers contact me lately.  Let's jump right in.

Hall of Shame
(Lame fuckers)

Seriously?  This fuck not only thinks of showing me his balls and ass, which aren't even worth seeing, but thinks I'll give him any of my time for $25?  Fucking please.  That's a pathetic tribute.  Any one claiming to be a slave, sub or pig who can't bring more than $25 to the table needs to either get a fucking loan so they're not just a waste of air or they should have their kneecaps broken with a baseball bat.

 This little bitch is even worse than the last one.  $50 every couple of weeks?  Do I look like a fucking charity for the pathetic pussies of the world?  The last time I checked I was a PRINCESS and he was just some lame ass mini-dick wanting to have someone give him an excuse to go choke on the cock he craves.  That he thought he could even come near me while being so worthless puts all subs to shame.

This little bitch likes to pay with echecks, making a million excuses about how he HAS to and then he cancels the payments.  He'll do the same shit on amazon.  So he's the worst of all the fucking losers I've had to deal with lately.  He goes by @hypnailslave on Twitter, but if you look up Brandon Alexander on Facebook you'll find his real account.  HAHA!  Oh, did I mention I also have his real email, a scan of his license, his place of work, his address and phone number?  Just let me know if you want to fuck with this loser.

Minor Recognition

This is the sort of thing I LOVE seeing in my inbox.  Not your pathetic ass begging.  Not you lame offers of $25 or $50 every couple of weeks.  Get some balls, try and be a real man for once in your loser fucking life and bring the money.  

I love stuff like this even more.  Your only worth is in your wallet and maybe in entertaining me with how much of a worthless little fucking loser you are.  If you want even five minutes of my time you need to get on your knees with your wallet between your teeth and come crawling.

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