Saturday, January 26, 2013

Losers, losers, losers. Everywhere I look.

So I've been giving out a lot of homework lately.  If you're not one of my subs you don't know this but homework is one of my favourite tasks.  It might be something simple, like writing something for me.  Or I might make you go out to a local porn store and ask the clerk for the biggest dildo in the place and tell them about what a horny slut you are.  All of this is in the name of amusing me, of course.  What else are you losers good for aside from money?

Anyway, I've been playing with this one pathetic little fuck.  He's usually pretty amusing but he made the mistake of sharing his homework assignment without my permission.  He's not even one of my slaves, he belongs to someone else and is just a plaything for me when I'm bored.  But that doesn't mean he gets to break the rules.  I may have let it slide since he doesn't know the rules but he went and changed parts of the assignment to fit his Mistress.  Hahaha.  No.  Not allowed.  If you're going to play around behind your Mistress' back you don't get to use your assignments from me to score points with her.  So now he has to redo it. 

What else what else...Well, there have been the typical time wasters floating around.  They mostly get ignored.  Then there's this other sub.  Bitchboy.  I got some money out of him before he disappeared.  He couldn't follow directions well either.  He had a live-in Domme in real life, maybe she busted him?  Too bad I didn't get to watch that, I would've laughed my ass off.

Another one of my subs paid for all my Valentine's Day stuff.  A bunch of candy molds, a present I wanted for me and my real man, a spiffy vibratey toy for me and a few other things.  I told him all about my plans to send out candies to my friends and he was begging to pay for the shipping for the chance of having me considering sending some to him.  I just laughed.  Maybe I'll make someone else pay for the shipping just to fuck with him.

Since Twitter is so fucking annoying about uploading pictures I made a facebook account.  I'll probably only be putting pictures on there now.  Make sure you add me or I'll kick your ass in a completely unpleasurable way.

As soon as I added some idiot sissy on Facebook he messaged me on there with his teamviewer ID and password.  Then goes all "Oh no!  I'm going to regret that!"  Like I'm going to go get on his computer and demolish it for free.  Fucker please.  I wasn't THAT bored. 

Lastly, I'll be selling some of my socks and shoes soon.  Photos will probably be posted up here, on Twitter and on Facebook.  So far I think there are two pairs of shoes and a few pairs of socks I want to get rid of.  These will be sold in a bid format, you'll have to message me to bid and I'll announce the current high bid so you'll know if you've been outbid or not.  The bidding will probably go on for a week.  Should the top bidder not go through on their payment then I'll contact the second highest bidder.  You'll also be paying for shipping, so keep that in mind.  I'm pretty sure both pairs of shoes I've owned since high school so they're well worn.

Tribute, you worthless fucks.

Then tribute more.

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