Monday, February 25, 2013

Things you should NEVER say or do.

Here's my list of things that if you say or do them you'll absolutely blow any chance at serving me.

1. "Don't worry, I'll pay."  The only people who say this shit are timewasters. Real piggies don't have to give reassurances, they get out their wallets.

2. Trying to get me to give you freebies by saying you want a session to see if I'm "your type" and that you'll tribute after or asking what I'll do to you repeatedly.  Do I look fucking stupid?  First off, I'm everyone's type.  You'll like what I fucking tell you to.  And there is no tributing after a session.  It's up front a flat payment and then during the session I will rape your wallet for everything you're worth and then some.

3. Trying to challenge me.  No, I won't do a tv session for free just because you try to manipulate me into it by saying you're not worried or don't think I can do it.  You're retarded if you think this shit will work.  A good Domme can't get manipulated by some loser fucking waste of space.  I actually had one moron trying to get me to play a game of chess with him to determine whether or not he'd be paying for a session.  Seriously, could you be any more stupid?

4. Typing like you're Helen Keller.  I don't expect losers like you to be smart enough to have perfect grammar, but if you're too stupid to type out the word "you" or I feel like I need someone who can translate the language of retard into English for me then fuck off. 

5. Negotiating prices.  There is no negotiating. You pay what I tell you when I tell you.  The only tribute I leave up to a sub is the first they have to pay to even get my attention.  After that your wallet is mine.

6. Not responding once it's time to tribute.  The only thing this will get you is outted as a timewaster to everyone.  The same goes for stalling tribute.  "I don't know how to use amazon/paypal" "I sent it, I don't know why you didn't get it", etc.  BULLFUCKINGSHIT. Take that crap to someone stupid enough to believe it.

7. Trying to insist on delayed payment methods.  I don't accept anything but instant transfers on paypal.  I don't accept anything but email giftcards for amazon or other sites. No, you can't buy me gifts.  Only trusted subs get to have those count as payments.  If I get one as a tribute from you and you didn't have permission I'll consider it extra and you won't get shit for it.  If you insist on only gifts then you're obviously a timewaster trying to get free sessions before cancelling the orders and I WILL out you as a time waster.

Aside from that, do NOT disobey, do NOT argue, do NOT fucking annoy me.  You WILL follow orders when they are given and you will get NO leniency or pity from me, you useless fucks.

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