Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shoes for sale and a Tribute Contest

Let's start with the shoes. 

These lovely heels are now up for sale. They're made of a nice combination of silky material and velvet. Imagine how nice that'll feel while you rub your loser face against them, sniffing for my scent. To bid post here, message me or email  (Payments are made via paypal and top bidder will have to pay for shipping.)

Now on to the contest.

As you probably know I'm saving up for a rather posh vacation in three months.  But I found a set of sex toys I want for my boyfriend and I.  Since I don't want to take away from my vacation to pay for the toys I figure you losers can do it for me.  So here's how the contest will go.  Whoever donates the most in total from now until the 21st will get their own custom video from me.  No, gifts and payments for sessions don't count for this contest.  Tributes must be sent on paypal via instant transfer to

Still confused?  Let's break this down for the stupid folks out there.  Let's say Slave A tributed $40 today.  Tomorrow you send me $30.  The next day you send me $20.  That puts your total at $50 tributed.  You're now the top bidder.

Now let's say you pay for a session of forced shopping on teamviewer.  Does the amount your paid for my time wallet raping you count toward your tribute total for this contest?  No.  It was a payment for my time.  Does the amount I wallet raped you for during forced shopping count toward the total for this contest?  No.

Now if I make a lot more than the toys cost(And I fucking better.) all the extra money will go toward my vacation and you'll have a very happy Princess.  So get spending.

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