Sunday, March 3, 2013

A few thoughts on the subject

I've been reading some of the articles on Domme Dose and it's given me some things to think about.  Some of the articles are good, some suck, but I suppose it's all about perspective.

One by Hex Kitten that I read was about Findommes doing nudity.  I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I'll never go nude.  It's simply my choice.  I never did in real life sessions, I never will online.  You'll also never get to see me in underwear shots or anything like that.  That being said I don't really have an issue with Dommes who decide to go nude.  If that's what works for them, cool.  I've just never seen a need for it.  I guess in my mind the subs are the objects, objectifying myself to draw in more doesn't raise me higher it just drags me down closer to the level of a sub.  That's just my view though.

That aside, I think the quality of subs online is fairly pathetic.  A Domme-sub relationship isn't something that's built in an hour.  Or a day.  It takes time to get to know someone, to know what they're into and whether or not the pairing is a good match. 

If you've applied to be a slave of mine you've seen that right on the application it says that I have a probationary period for those serving me.  That exists just for this purpose.  I don't take on just any ol' slave that has a wallet.  If we don't get along the whole thing is doomed from the beginning.  So all of these "Dommes" and "subs" running around claiming to own or be owned within the first hour of meeting are a little pathetic in my opinion. 

I had a sub trying to become one of my playthings and since he was pretty obviously a time waster I blew him off.  Then he actually had the nerve to message me and tell me that because I logged off he went and submitted to someone else.  I just had to laugh.  If all it takes is a willing sub or Domme and five minutes to create a "bond" for you, then you really need to get the hell out of the fetish scene because you obviously don't get it.

I wrote a blog the other day talking about things to NOT do if you want to serve me and another article I read(By slave Mark or some nonsense, it doesn't really matter, the article was shit.) made me realise I needed to add something else to that list.  Do Not Expect Me To Read Your Mind.  I'm not a mind reader.  And while I don't take orders from subs, if there's something you want it's up to you to say so -then- I will decide if you're going to get it or not.  Expecting myself, or any Domme, to just magically know what you want is pure stupidity.  In my case there are a lot of losers trying to get my attention, most of the complete wastes of time, and there's only one me.  So don't go thinking you're special or unique among the rest.

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