Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Updates on some losers

I had a comment on one of my first blog posts asking about what I did to ol' PB so I thought I'd do a few updates about some of the slaves I've interacted with. 

So!  PB(Panties Boy) was this loser who wanted to be outted to his ex-wife/daughter/sister/boss/etc but claimed he didn't want to be outted.  He was also close-ish to where I live so he was begging for some real time sessions.  All this begging went down BEFORE he ever tributed.  Like I'd waste my time.  This was when I still had my NF line up and he got desperate and finally called my ignore line.  Blew something like $160 on a call to me.  I finally got bored with his rambling and ended the call.  After that he kept going on and on about how I was too expensive for him even though we had never discussed my prices on anything so after another random tribute from him I tossed him out like a piece of trash, got on a texting program online and anonymously texted his daughter pictures of him in panties and with a bunch of men writing "Slut" and such all over his body in marker.  I have no idea what her reaction was because I didn't really care.  HAH!

Then there was the timewaster Brandon Alexander.  He cancelled echecks not only to me but to several other Dommes.  Luckily I didn't trust him and didn't bother spending much time on him.  I did, however, find his real facebook page.  And thanks to the other Dommes he pissed off I also got the website of his new job, his address, a scan of his driver's license and some other information.  So I made a facebook page with screenshots of his fetish twitter account, emails from him and some other stuff and proceeded to add everyone from his friend's list.  If I remember right the page was taken down shortly after but not before something like 40 people from his life got to see it.  What's funny is that a month or so after he contacted me with some bullshit sob story about how he had overextended himself and had panicked and how he thought I was great and wanted to know how much to pay to have me work with him again.  Yeah fucking right.

Before I go on to the next one I'm going to give my opinion on Dommes working with other Dommes' subs.  If you know anything about me you know I'm not a begger, I won't go approaching random individuals asking for tributes, gifts, or anything else.  However, if your sub approaches me asking to tribute or serve I'm not going to turn them away.  I have no loyalty to the nine million Dommes out there that I know absolutely nothing about.  And in my opinion I shouldn't.  If your sub is really YOURS they will be loyal to you.  And you won't have to rely on the loyalty of strangers. 

So we'll talk about Sissy Bitch next.  He's an owned sub, he approached me about talking and tributing.  Has absolutely no backbone, really.  Which is to be expected to an extent but when it goes to extremes it gets really annoying.  Still, he amused me so I'd say he was probably toward the middle of the list as far as subs with my favour go.  He was serving me for..a couple of months, I think.  Did some tributes, some forced shopping sessions, the usual crap.  However he made a pretty big mistake one day in trying to blame me for his flaws. 

I gave him a few fairly simple tasks.  One was to write a poem(I love doing this for sissies, you'd be amazed at the girly shit spewing out of some of them), another was to buy a girly thong and write Star on it and take photos, the last was to create a Sissy blog.  The only one I put a time limit on was the thong.  He had something like four or five days to do it.  The other two HE said when he'd have them done.  The poem that night and the blog the next day.  Well, that night came and nothing.  The next night came and went, neither task was completed.  Considering that the little fucking loser set the times he'd have them completed himself I found it pretty disrespectful to not only have him fail to complete what he said he would but to not even update me on WHY.  So I wrote him an email telling him he'd have a $50 late fee.  Rather than recap his bullshit I'll simply post screenshots. 

So, not only did the loser not complete some very simply tasks he actually tried blaming me for his own stupidity and incompetence.  That kind of shit does not fly.  I saw that he completed the poem but I didn't even bother reading it.  And unless I get a pretty amazing apology for his bullshit he won't be getting any more of my time.  I have been considering sending some chatlogs and such on to his Domme to let her know what he's been up to though.  I haven't decided what I want to do there yet.

Hmmm.  Aside from that I've had a few fail subs that weren't really worth mentioning.  At some point I may do a little blog with notes about my regular subs since this was all about the losers.

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